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"AMERICANA"; a word wide open to interpretation.
A few images here are mine; most belong to others. Each photographer retains all copyright & rights reserved to their image. Please respect the photographers who contributes to this blog.
Closed Until Further Notice

Thanks to all the photographers who allowed their images to be blogged.

Thanks to all who visited.

Life is busy for most of us. As we move into 2014, I thank everyone for visiting strange ly familiar. I would like to revise the page’s URL to something more in line with the page’s theme versus using my own name. I also need to take a break - I currently don’t have the time to keep this tumblr updated in the manner I aspire to; what takes up a lot of time is asking & getting permission from flickr photographers, something I did not wish to change. I may start this up again but until then:

I will still post to my flickr stream if you’re so inclined to visit, but I invite you to stroll through the back pages of this tumblr to discover other photographer’s work.

Thanks again!


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